Capacity Building to Put the Aarhus Convention into Action and Support the Development of PRTR Systems in Selected South Eastern European Countries

This project (April 2011 to October 2013) was implemented in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The three project components — Public Participation in Decision Making; Access to Justice; and PRTRs — aimed to:

  • improve the quality of participatory processes in environmental decision making;
  • reduce barriers to access to justice; and
  • support the ratification and implementation of the UNECE PRTR Protocol and the development of PRTRs.

The Public Participation component aimed to increase the knowledge and skills of officials responsible for public participation in environmental decision making, and to build the participatory skills of CSOs to enable them to influence the decision-making process, thereby improving the quality of participatory processes and environmental decisions.

The Access to Justice component resulted in increased awareness and knowledge among the judiciary, authorities and CSOs with respect to access to justice in environmental matters, and contributed to reducing or removing barriers to access to justice.

The PRTR component focused on improving understanding among authorities, operators and CSOs of their role and responsibilities in developing functioning PRTRs, and of PRTR reporting requirements. It also supported the development and operation of PRTR systems in line with the PRTR Protocol, which is a new legal instrument in SEE countries.