Public Participation

Highlights of public participation activities

  • A model participation process was designed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo* and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, together with local decision makers.
  • Practical capacity-building training was developed, aimed at officials responsible for the (model) participation activities, as well as at other key stakeholders (operators, local CSOs). 
  • Public participation toolkits were published, adapted to the needs of the respective country and in national languages, focusing on public participation requirements and offering a range of practical advice to officials, operators and developers who are responsible for decision making.


  • The officials who attended the public participation trainings gained knowledge and skills related to the design and implementation of participatory processes that help to improve the quality of decision making and provide sustainable solutions that are better for the environment, promote democracy and increase the openness of society.
  • The toolkits, which aimed to promote open and inclusive decision making, contribute to achieving well-informed decisions based on citizens’ input and preferences; establishing public ownership of the decisions made; addressing real problems; avoiding or better managing conflicts; reducing costs; improving relationships between the public and authorities; and strengthening mutual learning through participatory exercises.
  • The selected pilot projects addressed concrete local environmental problems and helped to identify solutions.