Training for judges and legal professionals

The goal of this activity is to enhance the capacities of the judiciary and legal professionals on access to justice. Interactive two-day trainings for judges, with input from public interest lawyers and other experts, including CSO experts, will improve knowledge on access to justice among the judiciary, officials and legal professionals. Cooperation with judicial training centres and magistrates’ schools will be enhanced, with the aim of introducing issues related to environmental legislation and the Aarhus Convention as part of their official curriculum.

Workshop for judges and legal professionals in Montenegro

Judges, prosecutors, ministry representatives and academics from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia gathered in Budva, Montenegro, on September 14 and 15, 2017, for a workshop on access to justice. The event was organised on the margins of the Sixth Meeting of the Parties to the UNECE Aarhus Convention, allowing participants to benefit from the expertise of the Aarhus legal practitioners present in Budva at both the side events and the main UNECE events. An interactive platform was created, making it possible for participants to exchange experiences, work on case studies, discuss judiciary cooperation, and address major difficulties and gaps in the implementation of access to justice rights.

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Upcoming events

  • Workshop in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia planned for October 2017
  • Workshop in Albania planned for November 2017